Bangladesh Agricultural University Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Bangladesh Agricultural University was officially opened in 1963 under the administrative control and management of the Department of Crop Botany primarily with the aim of providing facilities for maintaining the diversity of plants of the country and to meet the need for plant materials for education and research. But in the present context, particularly with the changing concept after the proclamation adopted in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 1992, botanic garden activities have been formulated and designed with the following goal and objectives to strengthen the collection and conservation of rare and endangered plant species, and species of local importance to save them from extinction.

 The department has been trying to develop the garden from its humble beginnings into an attractive botanic garden of scientific importance.  

Goal: Strengthening plant conservation through improved cooperation in a comprehensive national, regional and global context.

Specific Objectives

  1. Collection of threatened plant species, particularly the Red-listed plants and other economically important plant species from their natural habitats to save them from extinction.
  2. Restoration of severely depleted plant species through enhancing their reduced populations in situ.
  3. Networking of plant conservation and biodiversity centers, organizations and institutions for enhancing plant conservation through capacity building.
  4. Foster collaborative partnership among the conservation organisations, institutions, foundations and NGOs in country and abroad in the fields of training, research and policy development.
  5. To promote research directed at solving important plant conservation problems and improving research policy towards sustainable plant conservation and resource utilization.

The garden has succeeded in collecting and conserving many plant species from all over Bangladesh as well as outside Bangladesh. The garden has so far collected and conserved a total of about 2500 plant species under 180 genera and 120 families. The collected plants are housed and accommodated on different specialized zones and conservatories according to their habits and utilities. These are, among others: (i) Medical plant garden, (ii) endemic and exotic fruit gardens, (iii) water and rock gardens, (iv) palm and cycads garden, (v) bamboo and rattan gardens, (vi) fern and fern allies garden, (vii) orchid garden, (viii) cactus and succulents, (ix) mangrove garden, (x) tea and coffee garden garden, and an (xi) arboretum. Recently, a plant herbarium has been established in the garden for preserving dry specimens for future reference after the name and memory of Late Professor Dr. Md. Arshad Ali, Department of Crop Botany, Bangladesh Agricultural University. A nursery has been developed in the garden for propagation, multiplication and species recovery programme. 

The garden is very popular for its beautiful landscaping, rare collections and scientific management. Students, teachers, and researchers from this university as well as from other universities, educational and research institutes use this botanical garden as their study site. It also attracts many visitors every day from schools, colleges, universities, NGOs and various associations, individuals and locals as well as foreign nationals. The garden is the only member of the Botanic Garden Conservation international (BGCI) and a registered participant from Bangladesh on the worldwide implementation of the international Agenda for Botanic Gardens on conservation, environmental awareness and sustainable development.


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